Investor Relations

To Our Shareholders

In consolidated financial results for the fiscal ended September 30, 2017, FPG once again achieved record revenue and earnings, with both sales and profits increasing for the eighth consecutive period. The Tax Leasing Arrangement Business, FPG’s main business, expanded steadily with net sales and total amount of equity placement in operating leases reaching record levels backed by strong demand from investors. Measures such as the expansion of our product lineup and strengthening of personnel were successful and contributed to improved performance in our Real Estate Business and Insurance Brokerage Business. In addition, by seeking profitability and efficiency while also expanding business, we were able to sustain high ROE in excess of 40%.
Fortunately these results have been recognized, and following FPG being included in the “JPXNikkei Index 400” as a company that is highly attractive to equity investors, it was also chosen as a constituent of the “JPX-Nikkei Mid and Small Cap Index.”
In order to achieve our 9th consecutive year of increased revenue and earnings in the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2018, we have formulated a new mediumterm management strategy and are steadily implementing this. Our mainstay Tax Leasing Arrangement Business has firmly established a leading position in the industry by strengthening coordination with affiliated companies overseas, and Real Estate, Insurance Brokerage, and M&A Advisory Business have been established as three core businesses in which we will boldly concentrate management resources and expand and diversify the scope of our business to sustain a high rate of growth. Furthermore, as new strategies, we have promoted conducting business with a focus on expansion of investors’ assets under management* and sales utilizing IT.
Also, based on our steady performance, our consolidated dividend payout target of “generally 30% or more” will be raised to “generally 40% or more” from the fiscal year ending September 30, 2018. We will also continue our efforts to proactively return profit to shareholders.
The entire Company will work as one with the aim of improving enterprise value through sustained growth. We appreciate your ongoing support of the business of the FPG Group.

*Assets under management from investors in the Tax Leasing Arrangement Business and the Real Estate Business


December 2017
Hisanaga Tanimura
CEO and Founder
Financial Products Group Co., Ltd.