Investor Relations

To Our Stakeholders

 This fiscal year ending September 30, 2016, FPG once again substantially expanded its operations, achieving record revenue and earnings, with both sales and profits increasing for the seventh consecutive year.
 Our strong financial results reflects robust performances in lease origination and equity sales in the Tax Leasing Arrangement Business, FPG’s main business. Lease origination increased with an improvement in our lease origination capabilities largely as a result of cooperation with overseas affiliated companies, while equity sales grew due to the enhancement of our sales structure through expansion of our branch office network and intensified distribution network cooperation. Our strong results also reflect substantial growth in businesses we have diversified into such as Real Estate Business and Insurance Brokerage Business. FPG will do its utmost to achieve growth in sales and profits for the eight consecutive year in FY2017.
  FPG was newly selected as a constituent of the “JPX-Nikkei Index 400” in August 2018 and as one of the issues to compose the “JPX-Nikkei Mid and Small Cap Index” in December 2016. “Companies that are highly attractive to equity investors” which meet global investment requirements in terms of efficiency and investor-oriented management style, are selected as index constituents. FPG achieved ROE of 45.2% for FY2016, which is far higher than the average ROE of companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange for FY2015 of 7.6%. FPG has also established an independent and transparent corporate governance system, with three out of its five directors being independent directors and all three of its audit & supervisory board members being independent, and this may also have been a factor in its selection.
 Aspiring to be true professionals in the finance industry, FPG has achieved rapid growth. We will continue along the path to further growth by bolstering our business structure and management base and stepping up the development of human resources, in order to remain a company that is an attractive investment for our shareholders. We will also continue our efforts to proactively return profit to shareholders.

 We appreciate your ongoing support of the businesses of the FPG Group.


January 2017
Hisanaga Tanimura
CEO and Founder
Financial Products Group Co., Ltd.